Morgantown Magazine Shows off Mountaineer Excursions: Your Adventure Awaits!

Aug 2, 2023 | In The News

Exciting news! Morgantown Magazine has turned its spotlight on us, Mountaineer Excursions. In a captivating review, they’ve delved into our mission to bring Morgantown’s mysteries to light.

Discover how the Morgantown Mystery Tour, led by renowned paranormal investigator Danny Strakal, offers a unique blend of history and intrigue. As you read Morgantown Magazine’s review, you’ll journey through the captivating stories that make our tours come alive.

Take a Walk Through Mysterious Morgantown

A new tour gets into the secret, the surprising, and the spooky.

Like any self-respecting 250-year-old town, Morgantown has its macabre side—like the tale of the ghost who is said to roam the WVU Downtown Library ever since he fell down the elevator shaft to his death during 1950 renovations. Or the unsolved murder of the two WVU co-eds who disappeared after leaving the Metropolitan Theatre one night in 1970 and whose bodies were discovered outside town after an extensive search.

Ready to explore Morgantown’s hidden past? Dive into the article by and let the adventure begin!

Uncover the secrets, embrace the thrill, and join us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Morgantown.


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