Mountaineer Excursions’ # 1 Ghost Tours: The Best Spooky Date Night Experience!

Jul 19, 2023 | Trip Ideas

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your first date?

Do you have a fascination for the unknown and haunting? Well, you’re in for a treat with Mountaineer Excursions’ Ghost Tours in Morgantown, WV. This tour showcases meticulously researched stories by Jason Burns, a seasoned storyteller from the West Virginia Storytelling Guild. Our local paranormal expert, Danny Strakal, will guide you on a spine-tingling journey as you walk past some of the most haunted buildings in West Virginia, including several located at WVU.

Prepare to be captivated by their tales of intrigue and mystery. Get ready to hear the chilling tales of ghostly sightings, unsolved murders, and mysterious occurrences. And the best part? Food is included, and the tour has a halfway point at Gibbie’s Bar and Grill, where you can grab free soft drinks. So, gather your friends and get ready to be spooked on this Mountaineer Excursions’ Ghost Tour adventure.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Mountaineer Excursions’ Ghost Tours in Morgantown, WV! This exceptional opportunity allows you to delve into the captivating world of the paranormal. Explore the haunted buildings of West Virginia as you listen to meticulously researched stories presented by our paranormal investigator Danny Strakal of Spirit Walk Paranormal. Led by our knowledgeable paranormal expert, this tour takes you to various locations, including the historic Woodburn Hall, the enigmatic Elizabeth Moore Hall, the legendary WVU Mountainair, the mysterious downtown library, the Metropolitan Theatre – Morgantown, the Berman Building that held prisoners during the Civil War, 123 Pleasant Street, and the Historic Hotel Morgan. Prepare to be captivated by the rich history and chilling tales associated with these architectural marvels. As you traverse through the dimly lit corridors, keep your senses sharp, as you might encounter a few spine-tingling surprises along the way. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the realm of the supernatural!

Moreover, our paranormal expert will take you to the most well-known unsolved double homicide, which occurred in West Virginia. The case remains unsolved, but they will talk through the details and what led to the events. This part of the tour is sure to be eerie, and mystery-seekers are sure to love it.

Uncover the Mysteries of the WVU Coed Murders – Dive Deeper into the Investigation: Watch Here

Furthermore, the tour offers a halfway stop at Gibbie’s Bar and Grill, where you can grab some grub and network with fellow ghost hunters. They offer free soft drinks, and you can stretch your legs or talk through your tour experiences before going back on the journey. It’s an excellent opportunity to ask questions and share stories with others.

If you plan on taking this captivating tour with a date, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to break the ice and create a memorable experience by delving into eerie tales and sharing chilling encounters with spooky specters. Not only is this tour perfect for sparking conversations and connections, but it also offers a great way to make new friends or deepen existing relationships. With its versatile itinerary, the tour is expertly designed to cater to your sweet and spookiest senses, ensuring a truly unforgettable adventure filled with thrills and excitement.

In conclusion, the Mountaineer Excursions’ Ghost Tours in Morgantown, WV, is the perfect way to experience some real-life spine-chilling stories. With our paranormal expert walking you by West Virginia’s most notorious buildings, you’re sure to feel the hair on your spine rise. Additionally, the free soft drinks at Gibbie’s bar and grill and midway point provide an excellent opportunity to network with other paranormal enthusiasts, making this tour a great way to make lasting friendships. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, head on down to the Mountaineer Excursions’ Ghost Tours, and get ready for a hauntingly good time.

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